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Top Reasons to Visit Siesta Key This Year

Siesta Key is a Florida Gulf Coast gem where the sand is as soft as powdered sugar, and every day feels like a scene straight out of a postcard. From pristine beaches, to an array of activities at your fingertips, fantastic dining and more – Siesta Key is a world-class destionation. Whether you’re looking for total relaxation, or an adventurous Florida getaway, Siesta Key has you covered. Let’s dive into...

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Why Stay at Emerald Island Resorts?

The beauty of an Orlando vacation is often enhanced not just by the vacation home you choose, but by the resort in which that home is located. Travelers want their vacation homes to give them more—more fun, more relaxation, and more amenities to enjoy on those days they don’t want to head out to the parks, attractions, and tourist sites that make this part of the world one of the...

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Why Stay At Storey Lake Resort

The joy of a Florida vacation is enhanced by the quality of the resort in which your vacation home is located and Global Resort Homes offers properties in all the top resorts in the Orlando area. Adding extra opportunities to play, relax, and sip tropical drinks by the pool, these resorts are special and today we would like to take a tour of the Storey Lake Resort, one of the...

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Why Stay At Solterra Resort

When planning your fabulous Disney trip of a lifetime, you may already know that Global Resort Homes has THE sanctuary that will make you and your family immediately feel at home, but there are so many choices, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to narrow your choices down to just one home sweet vacation home. How many bedrooms do you need, do you prefer a house or a...

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Educational Orlando Vacation

While a visit to the Mouse is on the list for a lot of vacationers heading to Orlando any time of year, there are many other activities and attractions to fill your time, some where you can learn while having fun! Whether you’re trying to prevent summer learning loss, taking a break from the rigors of academic work, or just want to make sure the kids learn a little something...

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The Ultimate Non-Disney Theme Park Guide

Chances are, if you are planning a trip to Orlando, a theme park visit is on your itinerary. Orlando is widely known as a theme park capital, with several world class theme parks in and around the Central Florida area that attract millions of visitors each year! Although Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom was the first theme park to open in Orlando in 1971, there have since been many theme...

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The Ultimate Orlando Summer and Fall Guide

There is a good reason why Orlando is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Florida! Between its amazing theme parks, great shopping and dining, and no shortage of fun things to do in and around the city, you can visit Orlando again and again while always finding something new. Although any time of year is the perfect time for an Orlando getaway, the summer and fall seasons are...

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Top Tours to Experience in Orlando

While a visit to Disney World is on the list for a lot of vacationers heading to Orlando any time of year, there are many other activities and attractions to fill your time. It’s one of the largest cities in the Sunshine State by population, and the loads of tourists heading there for a respite means there are many and varied activities and tours in Orlando to keep you busy...

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Planning the Ultimate Walt Disney World Vacation

In a city full of world-class theme parks, Orlando’s most popular destination remains one of its first: Walt Disney World. For anyone who loves amusement parks, Walt Disney World is a must visit! However, with four theme parks and dozens of attractions, Disney World can be a little intimidating for first-time guests. For many, Disney World is a once in a lifetime vacation destination and you’ll want to make the...

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Date Night Hotspots in Orlando

Orlando, Florida is a fantastic vacation destination to enjoy any time of year. This central Florida hotspot is known for its family-focused fun and adventures, but if you happen to be here as a couple and can’t wait to spend time enjoying a date night that’s just as memorable, the city can cater to that as well! Vibrant and sprawling, Orlando offers up much in the way of sensational dining,...

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