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In our Buyers Guide, we list several reasons why you should buy in Orlando, such as:

  • Great location – one hour from either coast
  • #1 Tourist Destination in the Country
  • 57 Million Annual Visitors
  • 52-week Rental Season
  • Significant Rental Income
  • Great Weather
  • Awesome Theme Parks (Walt Disney World® Resort, Universal Orlando Resort, SeaWorld Orlando)
  • Great Shopping and World-Class Restaurants

We’ll explain several types of Properties to invest in such as:

  • Single Family Homes (Detached)
  • Townhomes (home sharing a common wall with at least 1 unit)
  • Condos – (Low Rise – typically 3 stories or less, Mid Rise – usually 5 to 9 stories, High Rise – typically 10 or more stories)
  • Condo/Hotel Hotel/Condo

Have you ever wondered what the difference between a short-sale and foreclosure is? Or, have you thought about the benefits of buying new construction or buying an existing unit.

If you’re interested in having your home professionally managed, we’ll tell you the proper questions to ask before you make a final decision.
Finally, we will give you some reasons why Global is the right choice for managing your home. Whether you are looking to rent your home on a short-term rental basis or are interested in a long-term tenant, Global has the expertise to help. And, we can help with all your commercial business needs.

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