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Why Stay at Windsor Palms Resort

The Florida vacation you are planning will only be as good as the resort you are staying in, but fortunately you have chosen Global Resort Homes for your getaway and our homes are located in the best resorts the Orlando area has to offer! Today, we want to shine the spotlight on Windsor Palms Resort, showing off some of its more memorable amenities and giving our guests a sneak peek into why so many travelers want to stay with us! Offering a variety of townhomes in a variety of sizes, your Florida adventures will shine brighter when you choose any of our Windsor Palms vacation escapes to shelter you during your unforgettable trip to one of the most exciting states in the nation!  

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Why Stay at Windsor Palms Resort

It’s true that most visitors head this way to experience the magic of a Disney vacation, and Windsor Palms Resort is close enough that guests will be able to spend most of their time at the parks and very little time commuting back and forth between home and fun! Of course, you can’t spend all your time hobnobbing with Mickey, and when you get your first glimpse of all the amenities our resort has to offer, we have a sneaking suspicion that you won’t want to and will begin to look forward to a little downtime in your home sweet vacation home. A cobblestone deck lined with chaise lounges surrounds the star of the resort, a supersized pool that is crystal clear, providing cool relief on hot summer days. Also offering a few patio tables shaded by umbrellas and offering thickly cushioned chairs, the pool, and its accompanying hot tub, is destined to be the center of your resort adventures. A Tiki bar serves up food and tropical beverages and is located within steps of the pool, so no worries about finding a designated driver to get you home when you enjoy too many mai tais while also letting guests lead their dream vacation life; sitting poolside sipping colorful drinks and basking in the golden rays of the sun while friends and family back home are shoveling snow and staring out onto steel gray skies in the middle of winter! On the other side of the iron fence that surrounds the pool for yours and your children’s safety, guests will find a colorful splash pad that attracts the littlest of travelers while presenting a gleeful and safe water adventure. 

Sport courts include a sand volleyball court and colorfully painted tennis and basketball courts, giving players a chance to make new friends and revel in the warmth of another blissful day in paradise, even in the middle of winter. Everyone knows that our children have energy to burn, and a fun plastic jungle gym, boasting a sand pit and staying shaded under the trees is the perfect place to ensure that they burn off any excess energy that may be making them vibrate with excitement, even after a day at the theme parks that make Orlando one of the most popular vacation destinations in the country! A fitness center with professional style equipment ensures you can eat all the park food you want and not suffer any dire consequences, (such as too tight pants!) and a large game room will keep your older children from ever having to tell you they are bored! A theater room is popular on rainy days offering 58 seats and an everchanging selection of movies to watch and a small shop can save your sanity when you discover you forgot sunscreen or toothbrushes, or you simply want to pick up a Disney themed souvenir that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!  

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Welcome Home to Windsor Palms Resort

The homes we feature in Windsor Palms Resort are designed to welcome every occupant with warmth and more than a touch of luxury. Step into spaces filled with light and discover all the ways our Global Resort Homes vacation escapes will impress. Living rooms offer plush sofas on which naps will probably be taken, state of the art televisions that provide pictures so clear you will forget the rest of the world exists, and comfortable chairs placed where the light is best for reading. Open concept floor plans keep guests connected and fully equipped kitchens offer a way to save a little money or to relax a little more by choosing to stay home and make the evening dinner. Most homes offer private pools, barbecue grills, and extra seating and dining options on their screened in lanais and even though the resort offers more of the same, we figure there can never be too many ways to have fun on vacation! Peaceful bedrooms offer a retreat from the chaos of real life and spa-like baths will present more ways to be spoiled! Reserve your favorite Windsor Palms Resort escape and come home to comfort every day of your stay! 

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