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Why Stay at the Anchorage on Siesta Key

Choosing Global Resort Homes for your upcoming vacation on Siesta Key won’t just get you a comfortable and luxurious respite from the world, it serves as an entrance key to a secret world, not many travelers know about, ensuring that everyone receives a true Florida experience while enjoying a beach vacation that will be the envy of friends and family. The Anchorage on Siesta Key, lying just steps away from one of the Key’s most popular beaches, offers access to a private section that will make visitors feel that they have finally arrived in paradise. The condo community rises from the white sands, and as each condo in the building may offer something a little different in style and ambiance, all will provide sweeping views, comfortable furnishings, and a taste of a lifestyle you will easily acquire! This guide to its charms may give you the little nudge you need to pick a sweet condo home at Anchorage for your Florida getaway!

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Stay at the Anchorage on Siesta Key

A family vacation can be the best of times or it can be the worst of times and rarely does the experience fall somewhere in the middle, but our Anchorage on Siesta Key vacation condos will definitely enhance your experience. Offering all the comforts of home plus a variety of community amenities, every day will give guests the most comfortable of adventures as they relax, play, and recharge! Located behind gates and on the water, this is one resort that doesn’t totally rely on a large pool to make it special! The pool, however, does offer a refreshing change from the saltwater of the sea, crystal clear and surrounded by lounge chairs it offers a wonderful way to relax on a warm summer’s day! Nearby tennis courts are marked for both tennis AND pickleball and are a popular attraction with 3 courts, there won’t be much waiting for your turn on the colorfully painted clay! Also offering cornhole games, picnic tables placed under mature oaks, and a concrete walkway dotted with Adirondack chairs conveniently placed so as to enjoy views of the water, your outdoor experiences promise to be ones you will never forget; and of course, we haven’t even begun to talk about the most famous white sand beach in the world!  

Siesta Key Beach offers sands comprised of pure quartz crystals that have been worn down over 10s of thousands of years to a soft and silky consistency that feels soft against your skin! But before you take advantage of the private access to the beach, there is still more to explore at Anchorage, starting with a basketball hoop perched under another mature tree and although it isn’t a full court, it provides the perfect spot to play a game of HORSE with the parents or to just work on your free throws on a lazy Tuesday afternoon! On vacation travelers tend to eat a little more than normal, devouring the foods that they might normally abstain from due to higher fat and calorie contents if you are worried about staying cute in your swimsuit, in addition to swimming, tennis, pickleball, and basketball, guests can get a workout in with a visit to the fully equipped fitness center located in air-conditioned coolness. Kayaks are available for use, a community grilling area will be much appreciated when it is time to prepare the fresh amberjack or grouper caught during a fishing charter, and trails that lead throughout the community are especially popular when the sun is about to set. There is no sunset like a Florida sunset and if you want to stop and watch the show comfortably, there are always those Adirondack chairs we mentioned earlier! 

Home Sweet Condo

As if all the above wasn’t enough to make you happy, we haven’t even begun to start to talk about the condos that will shelter you throughout your stay. Spacious and filled with light, sliding glass doors against the back of each unit provide a wall of windows that look out onto patios and views of the land and sea. Living rooms with comfortable sofas and state-of-the-art televisions may also offer bookshelves lined with books, games, and movies, placed there for the use of the occupants.

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Dining spaces in the open concept floor plans of the condo center the unit, located between the living area and the fully equipped kitchen.  This is where games will be played, meals will be enjoyed, and more family memories will be made. The kitchen just steps away, will allow guests to save a few dollars by eating at home at least a few times during their stay! Spacious bedrooms furnished with premium beds and multiple baths finish the tour of our sweet condos; all that is left is for you to find your favorite and click the book now button today! Contact us today to reserve your favorite today! 


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