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Walkthrough of Solterra Resort

Your Florida vacation is sure to offer an experience you will never forget as you explore the towns of Orlando and Kissimmee, venture into the world of Disney, and sample a taste of the towns with visits to restaurants serving some of the best meals in the world, but the one way to ensure that your stay is top notch is to choose Global Resort Homes for your vacation sanctuary. Offering comfort, style, and due to the resorts in which home is located, even more ways to stay entertained without having to leave the borders of the property, your stay with us will be the second best decision you make this year—with the first being choosing a Florida vacation resort! And because the resorts in which your home sweet vacation is located in are just as important as the sanctuaries themselves, we thought that today we would take you on a walkthrough of the Solterra Resort, giving you a peek into exactly how much fun your vacation life will be! 

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Walkthrough of Solterra Resort

The tile and stucco sign may just spell out the words Solterra Resort, but in reality it should probably read Welcome to Paradise! The resort is designed to be an integral part of your vacation experience, offering access to amenities you wish you could explore every day for the rest of your life! Start your days out with walks along wide sidewalks, enjoying the warmth of the sun that is just beginning its ascent into cloudless blue skies as you ponder over the realization that back home, your friends and family are buried in blankets of snow and they probably haven’t seen the sun shine since summer! 

Visitors during all seasons love the massive resort pool offering a beach style entry, waterslide, and a lazy river that encourages lethargy and sloth. (This is your vacation and you deserve the downtime!) Heated in the cooler winter months, the waters promise to always be the right temperature, and the tan you bring back home from your pool adventures will be the envy of all your friends—unless, of course, you want the privacy and shade of a poolside cabana, which you know Solterra has to offer as well! Feeling a little thirsty from all this time in the sun? You could take a healthy gulp of the water bottle you brought down from your sanctuary and feel virtuous, or you could order a delicious and refreshing tropical beverage from the poolside tiki bar and feel incredible! Paradise deserves an icy Mai Tai or frozen margarita, and the tiki bar ensures you don’t have to go far from your spot on the lounger to enjoy one. (They also serve up some tasty treats from the grill, so lunch will be an easy decision!) A bubbling hot tub will help loosen up muscles that may be tight from travel and can add a touch of romance to your family vacation as you sit side by side with the person you have chosen to be your own personal human, submerged in the warm and bubbling waters! 

The Solterra Clubhouse is a giant space, offering a fitness center that will allow you to eat as much as you want without suffering the consequences of pants that are too tight. (It’s open 24/7, so you can fit a workout in whenever you have the time, even if it’s after midnight.) Basketball, tennis, and sand volleyball courts will keep the adults entertained during their downtime, a lovely children’s playground will ensure that any excess energy your kiddos possess will be burned off, and picnic tables offering incredible views of woodlands, lakes, and conservation areas will give guests moments they will cherish forever. A cyber café is a fun place to sip a cuppa and upload your vacation pics to your favorite social media sites, and the snacks are definitely destined to sweeten up your day! 

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At Home in Solterra Resort

Now that you have experienced a taste of what Solterra Resort has to offer, it is time to take a peek at the homes and townhomes Global Resort Homes has to offer within the community! Spacious and filled with light, these spaces are designed to comfort and coddle and provide a relaxing escape from the troubles of the world. Modern conveniences (television, high-speed internet, and chef quality appliances) blend with cozy comforts, (nappable couches, cloud soft beds, and plenty of places for family to gather together to play) creating a vacation experience that will never let you down. Sleep late in premium beds topped with the silkiest of linens, toast the sunset from screened-in lanais that may even offer private pools and shiny grills that will make your family barbecue shine even brighter! 

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