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Book Your 2022 Summer Getaway

The year-round sun and warmth of Florida makes it an ideal destination any time of year. No matter where you choose to go in the Sunshine State, there is plenty to see and do. Choose Orlando and with all its fun activities and attractions to create a trip full of rest and relaxation everyone will enjoy. To make your trip to Orlando one to remember for years to come, you’ll want to start planning your 2022 summer getaway well in advance. Starting now means you’ll have your pick of everything that will make your vacation great, including theme parks, restaurant reservations, and the most important reservation: where you’ll stay.

Cost Savings

Experienced travelers know that booking things like airfare, hotels, admission to popular attractions, secures you some of the best products those companies offer. Another perk of booking early is lower costs. Last-minute bookings often come with a premium, as well as missing out on your favorite rental property, while those who plan well in advance can take advantage of lower prices on the most sought-after homes. These savings may apply to other aspects of your trip, too. Admission to parks and other attractions, airfare, and other services you’ll need to make a dream vacation are often lower the further out from your departure date you book.

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First Come, First Served

It’s a saying many businesses use to get customers to come to an event early. Arriving early often comes with perks like guaranteed admission, lower entry fees, and other special treatment. Booking your 2022 summer getaway to Orlando with Global Resort Homes now means you’ll have your choice of vacation rental homes so you can reserve the one that’s best for you and your group.

Peace of Mind

Booking ahead of time and securing reservations means you don’t have to worry so much as the start of your trip gets closer and closer. Once you’ve secured the vacation home of your dreams, you can focus on the other activities and attractions that will make your summer getaway to Orlando one to remember for years to come.


Travelers who book early not only have secured exactly what they want, they may get a little more. Rather than having to rent, or even purchase everything – bikes, beach equipment, and more may be included in your fees at no extra charge if not already done so.

More Prep Time

Booking your vacation rental with Global Resort Homes for your 2022 summer Orlando getaway not only means you can focus on other things, but it also means you have more time to prepare. If you’ve never been to Orlando, you can download maps of the area around your rental as well as the best routes to theme parks, restaurants, and other attractions that are on your must-do list during your trip. Gather the things you’ll need for your trip of a lifetime and store them somewhere easily accessible so all you have to do is pack the car and head to the airport.

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Surprise the Kids

Orlando is a very family-oriented vacation destination. The Disney parks and other theme parks, attractions that cater to families with children, and even accommodations that have a flair any kid will love seem to be found at every turn. Planning well in advance means Mom and Dad can surprise the kids with a fun trip. Plan a big reveal, or just pile the unsuspecting crew in the car and head for the airport. When they ask, “Where are we going?” reveal a fun Florida- or Orlando-themed item that will have them cheering.

Time to Save

With everything booked, down payments secured, and everything else in place, you’ll have plenty of time to save more spending cash to use for impromptu adventures that require admission fees, groceries, other items not provided at your vacation rental, as well as some awesome souvenirs to bring home to remember your trip.

Book Early for 2022 Summer Fun

From a cozy studio or one-bedroom for a smaller family or lovers’ getaway to a spacious nine-bedroom for a family reunion, Global Resort Homes of Orlando has a vacation rental that’s perfect for you. Booking your home early will assure you get the home that’s perfect for you and your travel companions. Step in and feel your stresses and worries melt away, knowing all your needs will be met throughout your stay. Our kitchens come fully equipped with everything you’ll need to make a home-cooked meal. Stretch out with some popcorn and your favorite show or movie, or retreat to a private bedroom for some relaxation at the end of the day. Choose a premium unit for flat screen TVs, stainless steel appliances, movie and TV character themed rooms, home theaters, game rooms, and more.

Call us today to start planning a summer 2022 adventure in Orlando!

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