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A few new surprises from Disney!

Disney has recently announced that a few changes will be coming to their beloved parks in the upcoming months. From new shows to new restaurants, we can’t wait to experience what the magic of Disney will come up with next. As usual, Disney does not tell us much to keep it all a spectacular surprise, but here is what we know!

  1. Epcot’s “IllumiNations” fireworks spectacular will soon be replaced by another incredible fireworks celebration. Although we do not know too many details, we do know that this show will be held in the World Showcase Lagoon. This means that no matter what country you decide to watch it in, you’ll still have the perfect view.
  2. Oga’s Cantina will be coming to Walt Disney World early 2019! Serving up “pilots, bounty hunters, and smugglers” alike, Oga’s Cantina is perfect for a mid-afternoon snack and drink. Guests will be able to listen to other-worldly music, see a few favorite characters and enjoy the ambiance of a place like never before.
  3. A Frozen Holiday Wish is coming back to Magic Kingdom this winter! Elsa and Anna lead guests and characters in a holiday celebration. Using their magical powers, they turn the huge castle into something you’ve never imagined! From Mickey and Minnie to all of our favorite Disney characters, you’ll have the best time celebrating the holidays with them.

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