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Paradise Palms Resort Spectrum Transition

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This page is for partnered homeowners who are in Global Resort Homes’ management program.

Owners should be getting a modem, a router, one HD DVR box, five HD boxes, and professional installation free of charge.


Numbers to call:

There are two numbers owners may call- the Bulk Care Team at 1-833-697-7328.  Owners may also call 1-855-326-5115 – the Community Solutions line, which will get the customers to the correct care agents, as long as they choose the correct options.

TV & Internet Upgrades:

  • If you want to upgrade to a 1 GB download speed, they will charge you a $199 installation fee and an extra $60 a month.
  • An extra HD DVR box is $12.99 per month.
  • An extra HD box is $8.99 per month.


When more information is available, Management will send an update.

Box and Spectrum App Info:

  • The box is 11” wide, approx. 9” deep, approx. 2” high.
  • If you have a TV that doesn’t have furniture underneath it and you were hoping to use the Spectrum app instead of a box, we have some disappointing news. Apparently Spectrum no longer supports an app on Roku devices, directly on Google Chromecast, or on smart TVs other than Samsung. For the convenience of your guests we do not suggest using an app.
  • You can access the app through an Xbox One or newer, Samsung Smart TVs, and Apple TV.
  • You only need access to the app if you did not want to use a box. If you’re using a box, you do not need to concern yourself with the app.

Account Name:

Currently, it is a two-step process to have the account put into Global’s company name. You will need to first make the account in your personal name. You can then request that they send you a form to have it changed. You will then fill out the form and return it to spectrum in order to have the account change from your personal name to Global Resort Homes.
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