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Top 5 Orlando Wildlife Watching Spots

Orlando is undoubtedly one of the most popular vacation destinations in the country. With an exciting Disneyland, plenty of amusement and water parks, and a lot of tourist attractions, this city attracts visitors all year round. There is so much to do and explore in this happening destination that it is easy to run out of days. But Orlando is not only known for the famous Disneyland and its surrounding adventurous spots, but it is also famous for many natural wonders where you can explore the untouched beauty of nature. You can enjoy plenty of family-friendly spots in the wild nature for a unique kind of experience. There are long trails where you can experience nature from a close distance while admiring the scenic views and exploring a variety of birds and animals.

When you visit Orlando, you can expect an all-round experience as it has both manmade and natural attractions for your choice. With picturesque scenery, attractive water parks, gourmet restaurants, lots of shops, and exciting bars, this place has it all. It is ideal for the entire family as everyone can find a unique interest of their own. No wonder it ranks high as one of the favorite vacation hotspots among families. Orlando is also blessed with pleasant weather where you can enjoy the outdoors without any limitations. With plenty of resorts and hotels, the place is truly welcoming in every sense. After enjoying your time at some of the popular attractions in the area, if you would like to explore some Orlando wildlife watching spots, you can find them in and around the city as well!

Split Oak Forest Mitigation Park

Experience the natural landscape of Florida when you head to the Split Oak Forest Mitigation Park. There are numerous long trails inside the park where you can see thick vegetation of plants, birds, wildflowers, deer, wild turkeys, gators, and tiny scrubs. You will notice many live oak trees in the park. It has a gorgeous pond at the center with a lot of aquatic plants. The trails are well marked and maintained so you can explore a large area without any difficulties.

Gator Golf and Adventure Park

Enjoy a fun day at the Gator Golf and Adventure Park. Here, you can play 18-hole mini-golf around the Gator Lagoon. You can watch a variety of wildlife, alligators, and birds while enjoying your game of golf. The Adventure Park has activities like gator wrestling and feeding frenzy shows. You can get a chance to feed live alligators in the park.

Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge

Every single word in its name is true as this Orlando wildlife refuge will take you to a beautiful natural spot away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Spend a peaceful and rejuvenating experience while being surrounded by trees, plants, birds, and wildlife. You can meet their resident animals like tortoise, emu, lemur, owl, turkey vulture, and red-tailed hawk. The refuge maintains and preserves the natural habitat of Florida by conserving the native species of plants and animals. This family-friendly attraction has a long trail where you can enjoy a nice walk. You can also spot many species of butterflies, birds, baby alligators in the animal-friendly natural preserve.

Tibet-Butler Preserve

Escape to the beautiful and quiet Tibet-Butler Preserve for peaceful interaction with nature. Visitors enjoy the well-marked trails, a well-maintained welcome center, and convenient amenities in the preserve area. You can walk through natural woods and boardwalk to explore the variety of trees and animals. There are baby tortoises and turtles near the entrance. The natural habitat includes oak hammocks, swamps, cypress domes, mixed forest wetlands, and pine flatwoods.

Exotic Orlando Animals Experience

Every review of the Exotic Animal Experience points to the enjoyment of handling and interacting with animals. Enjoy a totally hands-on interactive experience with Orlando animals like lemurs, kangaroos, bush babies, zebra, kinkajou, wallaby, fainting goat, muntjac deer, and a baby camel. It is a family-friendly unique attraction that will make your trip absolutely successful. You can capture photos and memories with exotic animals.

Enjoy Everything Wonderful in Orlando

Stay close to nature when you visit the vibrant city of Orlando. You will realize that it has the perfect mix of activities for everyone in your group. Plan your next vacation to the happening place in Central Florida and tick off the items from your bucket list.

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