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Strong Water Tavern

Orlando is a fantastic family destination for anyone who loves theme parks, and one of the most popular parks in the area is Universal Studios. Known for its fun rides based on popular movies and character, as well as featuring a great water park, you can return to Universal Studios again and again and never get bored. Although there are many places to dine here, Strong Water Tavern, located at Universal’s Sapphire Falls Resort, remains one of the most popular for both tourists and locals alike. Keep reading to find out why you should dine at Strong Water Tavern for your next vacation at Universal Studios!


Delicious Caribbean Fare

When you’re vacationing in a theme park, sometimes the best part of the day is when you get to sit and have a meal. Strong Water Tavern is a great restaurant that serves delicious Caribbean fare with theme park convenience, great service, and delightful island ambiance. When you dine here, ask to sit on the patio for the full Strong Water Tavern experience of waterfall and lagoon views. Their menu features a variety of fresh dishes inspired by the cuisine of several countries including Spain, Cuba, and Jamaica. Some of the most popular dishes here include the fresh ceviche made from red snapper, shrimp, and scallops, the arroz con pollo, and the beef steak empanadas. If you are feeling less adventurous, they also offer a great selection of classic American dishes such as Black Angus beef sliders, chicken tenders, and a seasonal cheese board. Whatever you’re craving, you’re sure to find it at Strong Water Tavern!

Rum Lover’s Paradise

Although the food here is excellent, what really keeps people coming back is Strong Water Tavern’s amazing selection of rum! This spirit pairs perfectly with the Caribbean influence of the menu and decor. The restaurant features an entire wall of rums, including rare and vintage bottles. They also employ a rum specialist to help you narrow down your selection and choose the rum that will perfectly suit your taste. In a city full of great restaurants, Strong Water Tavern stands out above the rest, especially among often-disappointing theme park fare. Between the great food and strong drinks, the atmosphere here is light and friendly and is the perfect place to unwind after a long day in Orlando.

Enjoy a great meal and a delicious hand-crafted rum cocktail at Strong Water Tavern during your next visit to Orlando! Be sure to browse our selection of vacation rentals in the area so you can be close to your favorite dining spots!

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