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Lake Eola Park

For many travelers, heading to sunny Orlando, Florida is an exercise in immersive Disney magic. This destination has a way of becoming a wonderland of theme park locales—a dream come true for those traveling with kids or those who are simply kids at heart. While time on rides and enjoying local entertainment are sure to inspire, Orland also offers up stops where it’s possible to indulge in the beauty of nature, while still staying close to the city center fun. Of all the places to explore, those excited to make the most of a scenic moment will find adding Lake Eola Park to their itinerary well worth their time when they’re in town.

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Savor the Scenery and Fun

Lake Eola Park enjoys a unique place in the landscape of Orlando and is found at 512 East Washington Street in the heart of downtown. This sprawling, public park is open to the public daily between 6:00 am and midnight and offers up a glittering space dedicated to nature in the center of an otherwise bustling scene. Lake Eola Park earns its name from the lake that works as its focal point. Those looking to get out on the water and enjoy views of the surrounding downtown skyline paired with trees at their own pace will enjoy renting a swan boat and peddling their way across the waves. Swan boats are available to hop into between 11:00 am and 6:00 pm daily.

Lake Eola Park Lake Eola Park

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Other Activities to Enjoy at Lake Eola Park

A day at Lake Eola Park comes with plenty of options for savoring your surroundings. Guests are invited to make the most of the .9-mile walking trail that winds around the lake—ideal for taking a stroll or enjoying a run when exercise is top of mind. Many photographers head to Lake Eola Park to capture images of the swans that call the lake home as well as the many other species of birds found in this area. The park is situated next to a long lineup of nearby restaurants to enjoy when cravings come calling. It’s also home to the Walt Disney Amphiteatre which hosts a wide array of performances throughout the year.

Indulge in the Florida Adventure

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