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Fun Spot America

Taking time to unwind with a side of sunshine is best done in Florida. If you’re a traveling crew ready for a getaway that’s on the hunt for amusement style fun, there’s no place better than central Florida which is home to both Orlando and Kissimmee. Here, time spent at Disney theme parks are often the highlight of a stay, but if you have time to spare, the area is brimming with potential in the way of other amusement parks that are truly one of a kind. Amongst them, Fun Spot America stands out as a thrilling option when you’re ready to take your central Florida excitement to the next level.

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A Family-Fun Spot

Fun Spot America is located at 2850 Florida Plaza Boulevard in Kissimmee and is open to the public between 2:00 pm and midnight Monday through Friday with extended hours on Saturdays and Sundays opening at 10:00 am. Fun Spot America is a place where the entire family can spend a day exploring the many rides, attractions, and games that await. Fun Spot America is a family-owned amusement park that first opened in 1997 and was developed under the belief that it’s always worth the effort to create a space where families and friends can gather and simply have fun. The park includes a collection of activities that are appropriate for all age ranges—making it a place where travelers of every interest will find something to enjoy.

Fun Spot America Fun Spot America

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On-Site Attractions and Activities

In 2013, Fun Spot America enjoyed an extensive renovation that included over 15 acres of expansion. Today, the results of that work mean guests can enjoy time on the tallest SkyCoaster in the world as well as options to ride the Mine Blower wood rollercoaster—the only of its kind to travel upside down in the Southeast. From the Hurricane and Crazy Couch to the Head Rush and Ferris Wheel, the Kissimmee location is packed with options for fun. This location also enjoys an arcade midway, go-karts, and kiddies rides. For those that will be traveling to the Orlando area, a second Fun Spot America is located here and includes its own customized collection of coasters, thrill rides, kiddie rides, a midway, and even a fun house.

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