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Top Things You May Not Know About Orlando

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Planning a vacation involves multiple fun steps. Even before you head out to the actual location, you can enjoy the process right from home. Exploring the different options, knowing about a destination, reading about the fun things to do, and planning your final itinerary are all exciting steps that add to the overall fun of your trip. You must also find out about your traveling options to understand whether you can drive or fly to the location. Besides the tourist activities and places of interest, you must check out the weather conditions, appropriate clothing for maximum comfort, food choices, budget, and shopping options. A thorough understanding of these factors can prepare you for a successful and joyous experience. When you read any travel websites, you may only find details about the popular spots. If you would like to explore some hidden gems, unique adventures, not-so-popular yet attractive spots, and some famous food choices, you can read blogs by locals and regular travelers. You may find something interesting to do, see, and explore without missing out on the opportunity for some novel fun.


This kind of hidden information is particularly useful when you are visiting a popular tourist destination. You may be able to skip the crowd to see some authentic and significant spots in the area. For example, if you are planning a trip to the wonderland city of Orlando, Florida, you can look forward to a happening vacation by all means. With so many amusement and theme parks, water parks, resorts, recreation centers, shopping options, gourmet restaurants, nature preserves, parks, trails for hiking and wildlife watching, and much more, you can easily plan a fun itinerary in the area. You may want to spend some more time in the city as it has so many choices on the list.


Unique Things You May Not Know


A trip to Orlando is like a dream vacation as it has so much for everyone. Orlando is not just about visiting the popular theme parks. There are many things beyond the amusement parks such as nature preserves, indoor recreation centers, lakes, parks, restaurants, shopping centers, and a lot more. One of the unknown facts about Orlando is the presence of lakes. The city has more than 100 lakes. At 80 feet depth, Lake Eola is a giant sinkhole in the heart of downtown. You can meet different breeds of swans at the lake such as royal mute, trumpeter, whooper, Australian black, and black neck.


There are more than 100 parks in the city where you can enjoy picnicking, walking, biking, and a few sports. Gatorland was the first theme park that opened in Orlando in 1940 with the attraction of the biggest alligator in the area at 15 feet long. Orlando is known as the lighting capital of the country. It receives many thunderstorms and lighting events due to the distinct sea breeze in summer. Orlando has the world’s largest McDonald’s and the largest Disney store.


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