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All About Orlando’s History

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Nothing can match the fun of planning a fun vacation. When it is time to look out for vacation options and plan a much-deserved trip, you can enjoy the experience to the fullest. Before you travel for the vacation, you can have fun even during the planning process. It is essential to look at all the different factors like weather, accommodation, traveling, local transportation, food arrangements, and recreation spots. You can chalk out a rough schedule based on the preferred tourist attractions and plan your days accordingly. For a family-friendly vacation with your group, you can also check activities that are suitable for everyone. Picking the right and favorable season can also make a difference in terms of enjoying your intended activities. Every vacation is different as every destination has something unique to offer its visitors. If a location is known for a specific set of activities, you cannot miss the novel fun and adventure.


Orlando, Florida is famous for its large amusement parks, wonderful family-friendly attractions, indoor recreation centers, and much more. The city is filled with numerous tourist attractions where you can have a great time. You can visit national and state parks for activities like hiking, biking, wildlife and bird watching, and photography. There are many nature preserves and wildlife centers with a variety of animal and bird species. Orlando also has plenty of restaurants, casual food joints, bars, cafes, and nightclubs. You can look forward to having a great time in the city with the variety of options on your list. Before visiting a place, it is good to learn about the history and culture. You can understand the vibes and ambiance of the destination. It is fun to understand what to expect and plan for your trip.


A Rich History of a Fun Destination


Orlando is rightly called a fun-filled city as it has so many entertaining wonders for all age groups. As home to plenty of famous amusement and theme parks, it has a vibrant ambiance with lots to do and explore. The city of Orlando was built in 1840 as a response to the Seminole Wars. It was formally called Jernigan after the family built the first settlement in the area. The name was changed to Orlando in 1875 when it was incorporated as a town. There are many different theories regarding the origin of the name. During the period from 1875 to 1895, Orlando turned into the center of Florida’s citrus industry. It was popular for the cultivation of orange and other citrus trees spread over a large area. Due to the unfavorable weather conditions called Great Freeze in 1894, many citrus owners gave up their land and business.


During the Spanish-American War and World War I, it started turning into a resort city. As one of the largest inland cities in Florida, it provided ample space for building large resorts. There was a significant land boom in the 1920s as many tourist facilities were built in the city. It paved way for the famous tourist industry we see today. After the real estate boom, many hotels, lodges, tourist homes, and recreation centers were built one after the other to attract visitors from far and wide. World War II brought a lot of significant changes to Orlando. It transformed into a military hub with the establishment of the Pinecastle Air Force Base. It was later changed to McCoy Air Force Base and now it stands as the Orlando International Airport. After the war, many high-tech industries shifted to Orlando due to its proximity to the Space Coast near the Kennedy Space Center. It brought many employees and small businesses in the area who started raising families in the beautiful and peaceful Orlando City.


After agriculture and technology, the next industry that transformed Orlando is tourism. When Walt Disney came to Orlando and built the Walt Disney World in 1971, it changed the overall landscape and role of the city. Today, Orlando has more theme parks and entertainment centers than any other city in the world. It paved way for tall buildings, residential communities, vacation rental homes, hotels, resorts, and much more. The city changed into a happening entertainment center with plenty of restaurants and shopping centers. Tourism has changed the face of Orlando with a widespread demand from local, national, and international tourists.


Find Accommodations for a Memorable Trip


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