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Planning a vacation requires a lot of forethought; you have to consider everything from traveling to commuting, food options to tourist attractions, activities to accommodation. It is necessary to plan your itinerary to avoid any last-minute confusion, and travel is a big part of it!

Orlando is home to many major theme parks. There is so much to explore and enjoy in this sunny city of Florida. It is a vibrant town that has plenty of exciting restaurants, bars, cafes, and shops. You can easily find lots of indoor and outdoor adventures suitable for all age groups; and you cannot miss the famous Disney World, Universal Studios, Gatorland, Seaworld, and many more famous parks. While visiting Orlando, there’s no better way to get around this amazing area easier than with the help of our go-to guide!

Convenience at its Best When Visiting Orlando

Orlando is undoubtedly one of the best tourist destinations due to its vibrant attractions. It is also easy to get around in this area as there are convenient commuting options that can take you to all the tourist attractions. For added convenience during your stay, you can check out the vacation rentals at our Global Resort Homes. We have many vacation rental homes with all the modern amenities and facilities. As our rental homes are located at prime spots in the city, you can get to your fun quickly. If you are eager to visit Disney world, you can find rental homes in the neighborhood. By booking a spacious rental home in the vicinity, you can save your valuable time and enjoy every single ride inside the theme park.

If you have a long itinerary with plans to visit attractions all over the city, you can opt for a rental car to get around in this area. There are many rental car options right from the airport that can be convenient for your entire group. You can carry your electronic tolling passes such as the EZ-Pass, Sunpass, or I-Pass for paying tolls at various spots in the city. Another convenient option is the taxi. You can find taxis to and from the major tourist attractions, and they are a feasible option if you plan to spend an entire day at one location alone. If you plan to cover multiple spots within a day, you may find it expensive to opt for taxis. Ride-share apps like Uber and Lyft are a few other great options if you have limited travel plans within the city. You would not find it difficult to grab a ride share service in the city. You can also opt for the convenient I-Ride trolley that can connect you to the six major theme parks, more than 400 shops and outlets, and over 200 restaurants on I-Drive.

You can also check out Orlando’s comprehensive bus service called LYNX. It covers most of the major tourist attractions in the city. For exploring the downtown area, you can use Orlando’s downtown bus service called LYMMO.

Grab all the fun and enjoyment in this happening city. Get in touch with us at Global resort homes to find the perfect accommodation for visiting Orlando. We are happy to offer plenty of rental vacation homes, condos, and resorts at multiple spots in the city.