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5 Tips for Making Your Vacation Property Rent Better

Home5 Tips for Making Your Vacation Property Rent Better

The vacation rental market is an exciting one and whether you’ve been at it for a long time or are just considering trying your hand at renting out your property, there’s a lot to look forward to. These days, the vacation rental market is on the rise. This comes down to a few factors but amongst them is the idea that travelers are looking beyond traditional hotels and are interested in stays that keep comfort, convenience, and that sense of customized attention to detail top of mind.

Without having to share living space or amenities, travelers are free to indulge in a home away from home experience that suits their particular travel style and preferences. Combined with the fact that they can choose their vacation rental home based on ideal locations and proximity to stops they want to explore, travelers are taking the concept of vacation rentals to a new level–much to the thrill of property owners. While renting out a vacation property can be profitable, there’s a lot that goes into creating a successful business. When you’re looking to elevate your property rental experience and keep guests staying year-round with property management in Florida, here are five tips for making it happen.

Don’t Forget the Exterior

It’s so easy to get caught up in the amenities that many vacation property owners completely overlook the importance of an eye-catching exterior! As potential guests browse the internet in search of that perfect property, they’ll definitely take a look at the kitchen, bedrooms, living room, and beyond, but if the exterior of a home is less than impressive, they’ll likely move onto the next property. It’s not fair to judge a book by its cover, but in the vacation rental market, this is exactly what happens and it’s important to keep in mind. Take some time to invest in the aesthetic appeal of your home’s exterior and you’re likely to see more rental requests pop up over time.

Invest in Staging

Just because you as a homeowner feel that your home’s interior is welcoming, stylish, and perfectly suited to a stay doesn’t mean that the masses will necessarily agree. The photos that are taken of your property’s interior are what potential guests will remember most when searching, and it’s important that those pictures show the space, light, and exciting extras available. To put your home’s best face forward, you’ll want to invest in staging before taking pictures that will be sent out to online platforms. Making sure the interior is clean, bright, and well-balanced takes a good eye and it’s worth having an expert walk through to do a check before posting ads on your property.

Make the Most of Marketing

In the world of vacation rentals, your access to top of the line marketing platforms is key to success, and your potential for growth over time. Having an amazing property available is great, but will fall flat if there’s no way for potential customers to know it’s there and available. Make the absolute of every quality marketing route you can by being willing to invest in online platform access that makes the reservation process as visible and seamless as possible.

Commit to Solid Customer Service

Getting your property rented is half the battle—making sure guests have an amazing stay and come back again is just as important. Once your property is appealing to potential renters, keeping them comfortable, happy, and safe during a stay is the only way to reel in those positive reviews, help guests create amazing memories, and tell their friends about the experience when they return home. Referrals have the potential to grow your business exponentially, but only if they happen. Taking time to have a solid plan in place for issues that arise during a stay, maintenance needs, and follow up conversations is essential to helping your property and business thrive in the market.

Work with a Property Management Company

If this sounds like a lot, you’re not mistaken. Putting your home on the vacation rental market sounds simple, but requires time, commitment, and often investments that homeowners didn’t anticipate. If you’re serious about elevating your home on the market, working with a property management company is going to be an essential decision. Partnering with professionals saves you time, stress, and money in the long run. Property management teams already have the people and resources in place to make putting your home on the market a success. From staging processes and professional decorators to marketing platform access and built-in reservation and customer service standards, homeowners can be a part of the process without having to worry about the details.

Your Property Management Partner in Orlando

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