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Walkthrough of Windsor Hills Resort

The joy of a Florida vacation has no boundaries, and as you start planning your vacation of a lifetime, you may be constantly surprised at just how wonderful it can be! The weather is warm in the winter months when your own home town is blanketed in snow and slush. The theme parks—there are 10 major ones in the area and countless more smaller ones—provide magic and happiness to all who play within in their gates. And the Orlando vacation homes and condos? As if offering luxury, comfort, and style isn’t enough, most tend to be located inside exciting resort communities offering fun and excitement and ensuring that the vacation home is an integral part of the vacation experience! Global Resort Homes is proud to offer some of the most beautiful vacation escapes in some of the area’s most desired resort communities, and today we are going to shine the spotlight on the Windsor Hills Resort, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a sneak preview of the fun you can have during your upcoming Florida getaway. 

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Walkthrough of Windsor Hills Resort

The idea that you could spend your entire vacation within the borders of Windsor Hills Resort is a tantalizing one that harbors a bit of reality in its roots. Warm days will be enjoyed that much more when spent hanging out by the resort style pool, working on your tan, and relaxing as the kiddos play at the resort water park. Offering colorful waterslides, a splash pad for the littlest of littles, and far less crowds than Disney’s Blizzard Beach, a day at the water park will provide hours of fun for all! A 10-person hot tub will come in handy, especially if you are spending your days pounding the pavements of the parks, providing a soothing experience that will help ease the ache in tired muscles and feet. 

There are some people who are always on the go, playing games, working out, hiking, exploring, and this resort features many opportunities to do the same! An expansive fitness center provides gym quality workout equipment, and the sports courts that include basketball, tennis, ping pong, and volleyball, will fire up that competitive urge inside you while giving you the chance to meet some new people. 

We are always surprised at how much energy the smaller vacationers have, seeming to build up their energy levels with each new experience, and our Tot Lot, a colorful playground designed to resemble a Disney castle may just be the thing that saves exhausted parents! Grab a book to read or scroll through your social media apps from wooden benches placed on the edge of the playground area and let your little energizer bunnies burn off some of their excess energy! 

The entertainment options of Windsor Hills Resort continue, this time with something your older children might enjoy, (and yes, that includes your spouse that still retains childlike enthusiasm over games and fun!) a fun game room populated with arcade games, pool tables, and an air hockey table that will bring back memories of all the hours you spent in your youth playing this very game. DVDs are available to rent, adding a touch of fun to a rainy Florida night, and the Market Place & Grill serves sandwiches, beverages, and assorted snacks as well as offering some of the sundries you may have forgotten to bring along in your excitement to get the vacation started! The Welcome Center and Cyber Café provides tons of information on ways you can fill your vacation hours and if you need something copied, scanned, printed, or faxed, is where you should head to first. 

And finally, if the Global Resort Homes sanctuary that you rented is pet friendly, there is a dog park located just next door to the sports courts. Even if you didn’t bring your faithful companion, it is a great place to ooh and ahh over other people’s pets, so be sure to take a few minutes out of your day and check it out!

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All the Comforts of Home

We may be biased, but the best part of your stay in Windsor Hills Resort just may be the Global Resort Homes vacation escape you choose to make your own! Featuring large homes with many bedrooms and pools in the backyard and cozy condos that are sized just right for your traveling party, the attention to detail, the themed bedrooms, and the modern conveniences will ensure that every minute inside will be your favorite moments of all. Fully equipped kitchens allow guests to choose a night to stay in, saving a little more money that can be used at the parks, and game rooms in our full-sized houses ensure that you can stay entertained no matter what time of day or night it is. Contact us today to reserve your favorite escape in the beautiful Windsor Hills Resort today and experience a vacation you will wish never had to end! 

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