Charlotte Harbor is a little different from our standard resort neighborhoods, offering more of a family community feel as opposed to the sometimes frenetic energy found in a resort. In a resort, many of the homes are designated as vacation homes and may only be occupied during the peak season, but chances are when you choose one of our Orlando vacation rentals in Charlotte Harbor, your next door neighbors will be a family with kids and a dog!  

For families traveling with kids themselves, you have to know that your littles will be happy to meet new “friends” (because aren’t all kids just friends waiting to be made in their eyes?) and as you explore the home you have chosen to make your own, your days will run at a slower and more relaxed pace! Still offering many amenities you expect in a resort, including small family shops stocked with supplies and souvenirs, large parks with playgrounds and splash pads that will give your kids a fun and watery way to enjoy a lazy summer afternoon.  

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What most of our resort homes will not offer, however, is a park at the beach bringing visitors long days of peace, serenity, and a hankering for salt life that will not go away! This walkthrough of Charlotte Harbor gives visitors the opportunity to discover a world where even when the sun is not shining it will still feel as if it is! 

Port Charlotte Beach Park, 4500 Harbor Boulevard in Port Charlotte

Located just a short distance from your Charlotte Harbor vacation haven, Port Charlotte Beach Park is literally a Florida paradise! Offering bike trails and sports courts (even bocce and horseshoes!) for those who prefer land adventures and because you are in Florida, a plentitude of opportunities for water adventures as well! The swimming pool is popular for travelers who prefer the tame to the wild unknown a day at the beach can bring, but the beach, if you let it will be the adventure that calls your name the loudest. Kayaking or canoeing on the surface of the sea, swimming, and snorkeling underneath the waters, and relaxing on white sand beaches as palm trees sway in the breezes and the waves ebb and flow according to their natural rhythms! Picnic tables provide a sand free spot to enjoy a midday meal and a playground will help burn some of that excess energy your kiddos are known for! 

Make Your Dream Golf Vacation Come True!

When the weather is this nice, golf automatically comes to mind as the perfect activity in which to enjoy the day! Offering over 15 courses in the area guests could visit two a day and STILL not see them all! And no matter which course you choose, the greens are destined to be emerald in color, the obstacles will remind you of your time spent on the beach, and the views will be chef’s kiss perfect! New to the sport? The Cove of Rotonda Golf Center, located at 12455 S Access Road in Port Charlotte,  is known for being novice friendly, serving as a perfect introduction to what is soon to be your biggest obsession! 

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At the end of the day, the community in which you choose to inhabit can be a beautiful part of your vacation escape and the Charlotte Harbor community is the perfect example! Offering homes and condos that add style to your Florida adventures, many of our properties are located on the canals that run through the area, adding a serene vibe and more opportunities to play!  

Private docks are the perfect spot to launch a kayak or canoe from, sit with a refreshing beverage and watch the sun set over the horizon, or, in some cases, gather round a fire pit telling ghost stories and roasting marshmallows, winding down after a long day of explorations. Most backyards will offer screened in lanais and will be anchored by crystal clear pools and/or bubbling hot tubs, giving your holiday celebrations an added layer of fun and wonderful, as you and your family or friends enjoy a 4th of July barbecue and revel in the Florida sun!  

Inside, the homes may feature indoor/outdoor living opportunities with walls of windows that disappear when opened, especially enjoyed at meal times or, because the patio coverings are deep enough to keep out the elements, when a summer storm hits! The smell of petrichor, the sound of rain splashing against the deck and the sight of little droplets hitting the formerly still waters of the pool is a beautiful experience that can be enjoyed while remaining dry and cozy!  

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Large bedrooms with soft beds, fully equipped kitchens with updated appliances and breakfast bars that are where bowls of cereal will be enjoyed in the mornings; these are just some of the wonders our Charlotte Harbors properties will provide! Contact us today to reserve your favorite today!