Start Skydiving in Florida

Get started on your bucket list and go skydiving ...


For many, Skydiving is a 'must do' and the Orlando area offers the perfect venue. For who have never tried it, skydiving is somewhat of a mystery. At Start Skydiving Florida, they specialize in introducing people to the sport through tandem jumping. The also offer professional instruction for those looking to become licensed.

Tandem Instructors are highly experienced skydivers who wear an oversized parachute that accommodates two jumpers. You and your instructor ride up to the clouds in a plane modified to accommodate jumpers. Once at altitude, your harness is connected directly to the instructor. Then it is simply a matter of opening the door and taking that 'first step'. Your instructor handles everything and you go along for the ride of your life.

Free fall, as several members of the Global Team can attest to, is something that you just have to experience to fully understand. If you have any questions about our experience, let us know! We'll be glad to assist!

We encourage you to have your experience filmed by the instructor you jump with. It's a video you'll surely want to share with friends and family.