Skyventure Orlando

Experience skydiving indoors ...

For some, jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft is counter intuitive. Indeed, the mere thought of free-fall can be terrifying - to say the least. Enter SkyVenture Orlando, a unique and anxiety free skydiving experience. Located just 1 mile from Universal Studios Orlando, SkyVenture offers a controlled yet exciting experience for all those who want the thrill of free-fall but need the 'fear-factor' dialed back a bit.

Sure, Orlando has lots of theme parks but sometimes you have to experience something that is a little different. The staff at SkyVenture Orlando gives you step-by-step instructions on how to get the free-fall experience without going up in a plane. A professional will be by your side to guide you through each step and will provide the safety you need.

When you're ready to go, simply fold your arms at your chest and fall forward. Once the wind catches your body, extend your arms forward and you feel like a pro. On your next visit, try something new and check out SkyVenture Orlando for a thrill like no other.