Over the years, Disney has made a name for itself in entertainment, food and now all things sports. Disney Springs has recently opened an incredible basketball venue called the NBA Experience. You’ll be able to live out all of your pro-athlete fantasies here as you pass, dribble and shoot! Here are a few of our favorite things to do while there…

Get your head in the game

As you enter the venue, you emerge as an NBA player under the stands and into the arena with large screens and a scoreboard, just like the real thing! And there is no question that when you’re surrounded by all things basketball, you have to try and make a few shots. Try your best dunk attempt on the courts. With a crowd watching, you can test all of your abilities here. You can also try the “dribble” challenge where a coach will put you through some drills. Whether it’s your first time dribbling, or you just got done playing the Orlando Magic, this is the perfect place to live the immersive experience of real life NBA players. Don’t forget to smile for serious basketball photo-op including being drafted by the NBA commissioner himself!

All about those basketball stats

If you’re a nerd like me, then you love all things stats! In this fantasy court, you’ll be able to put all your NBA trivia to the test, and compete with fellow basketball players as you watch the clock tick away. You can also dive into the rich history of the NBA and WNBA. With the unique “Hall of Fame” experience, you’ll be able to follow along your favorite legends’ journey!

More and coming soon…

You don’t have to be a basketball nut to enjoy this experience – it appeals to everyone who enjoys a fun time and brings you along the journey regardless your age or skill set. With fun activities and games for all ages and skills, this experience is perfect for groups and families of all sizes!

Set right next to the incredible gift shop is the future home to City Works Eatery and Pour House. This American eatery is filled with your favorites along with a few creative combos. You’ll also get to sample some local beer right on tap. This will be the perfect way to end your NBA Experience.

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